About the Beagle Camera for Prusa 3d printer in compatibility Statement

Thanks for the support from many customers and attention to our Beagle camera. Due to our careless work and the inaccurate expression of compatibility when the V1.1.0 firmware was released, many Prusa printer users have misunderstood our camera. Therefore, We sincerely apologize to the users of Prusa and made this statement for compatibility clarification.

The Prusa printer has a high reputation in the 3d printing market and performs with excellent printing quality. We also like this printer; however, when we tested the compatibility of the Beagle camera, we found that the Beagle camera could not recognize the USB of Prusa's i3 MK3S+. The USB input must be powered to start and recognize if we want to communicate with the printer through the USB port.

We listed the Prusa i3 MK3S+ in our compatibility list in the firmware of the Beagle camera of V1.1.0 on July 1st. But the premise of the compatibility with Prusa i3 MK3S+ is that the USB output of the Beagle camera is active with voltage. However, all our current oversea inventory Beagle cameras (including the Amazon stock) do not support USB power output, so the Prusa users can't connect the camera to the printer directly to identify.

On July 1st, we released a temporary solution; if the Prusa users who have purchased the Beagle camera can solder and do a simple bridge on the mainboard to achieve the USB output voltage, then the connection between the camera and printer will work. We have tested this solution for a week, and it normally printed and generated the time-lapse video automatically as we expected. Furthermore, for those who don't have solder ability, we also have a solution for compensation; please get in touch with us directly.

To avoid the above problems from happening again, we made this statement,
1. All existing overseas inventory (including Amazon inventory and overseas inventory) does not support the use of Prusa's printers out of the box;
2. For those who can solder, if you have purchased our overseas inventory of cameras, you can refer to our temporary solution;
3. If you want to utilize the camera for Prusa 3d printer immediately, you can directly purchase the Beagle camera with CN inventory and indicate Prusa in the order. We will make the special processing for the order to support Prusa 3d printer;
4. Our new production cameras will support Prusa printers out of the box; the US overseas inventory will be available about July 30th. The European stock will predict to arrive in early August (including Amazon).

So, suppose you own a Prusa printer and want to use our Beagle camera out of the box. In that case, you can purchase the Beagle camera with CN inventory directly through our online store and mark it with Prusa in your order, or you can wait some time for new production cameras.

We apologize again for the misunderstandings caused by the careless work in the past. We will also continue to update the camera's firmware to be more compatible with more printers and slicing software, hoping to make your 3D printing more interesting through the Beagle camera. If there's any question or need further assistance from us, please feel free to contact us directly or by email at support@mintion.net

Mintion Beagle camera is a dual-use camera that allows you to monitor and control your 3D printer remotely, while also making it easy to create time-lapse videos.


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I ordered through the CN supplier adding the “prusa” note, but how do I tell if it is actually a “new model” or supported model – I can’t find anything on the box or actual camera.

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