How to upgrade the firmware of Beagle camera?


Check the current firmware version 

Run the Beagleprint app and click the camera video, then click the camera setting icon, and select the camera information, you will find the current firmware version

Download and copy the latest firwmare to TF card 

Firmware Download

Upgrade Date Firmware Version
20220527 Beagle_1.0.7


Copy the firmware to TF card

Copy the downloaded firmware to the root of TF card.

Insert the TF card for the upgrade

Plug off the power cable of Beagle camera, then insert the TF card into camera and plug in the power cable of camera (Take off the power first, then insert the TF card!). You will hear the voice of "The camera is upgrading, please wait for one minute. The camera will be restarted automatically. " The whole procedure will take 1-2 minutes, then the camera will connect to the WiFi again, you will hear the voice of "Successfully connected to the wifi" again. 

Please note: DO NOT power cut during the upgrading process, otherwise, this will make the camera will be brick. 

After the upgrade, you can check the firmware version in Beagleprint if it's success. 





Got all the way to connecting the printer, which does not work. Push the bottom and it goes blank for a few seconds the comes back. Trying to connect with a Snapmaker 350T.



Hello ! Today my camera is arrived – new firmware is on – but I can’t connect to my printer – I have a anycubic mega i3 – not mega s – I think it is the same printer ? Can you help my – nothing Upgrades at the printer .. thanks



After upgrade, turn off power again & remove SD Card. Delete the Bin file (Firmware) so it doesn’t try to update again if power loss. Insert card back into camera & connect power.

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