Mintion Beagle Camera Unboxing & Setup

This article is a step-by-step guide that will help you turn on the camera faster and correctly and set it up for the first time. The following steps are including the unboxing process, wiring the Beagle camera and 3d printer, Beagleprint App account registration, camera wifi configuration, PC browser access to start the printing, and setting up the time-lapse video function and downloading the videos.

Firmware & App Version (Update: 20220513):

Beagle Camera firmware version: Beagle_1.0.4

Beagleprint App version: V1.1.2

(The firmware and Beagleprint will be upgrade particularly, please keep update on the DOWNLOAD page.)


  • 1. Remove the outer box of the package, take out the inner box of the color box, the inner box is set in a drawer type, and pull out the inner box from one side.

  • 2. The camera is grabbed and removed from both sides, taking care not to damage the camera lens.

  • 3. The packaging is not designed for the upper and lower layers. Pay attention to the checklist to avoid the lack of parts that may cause it to be unusable.
Connecting the cables

  • 1. Connect USB Type C cable and Power Adapter.

  • 2. Connect USB-Micro-B Cable to Beagle camera.

  • 3. Connect the Power Adapter and Outlet.
Connect Beagle camera to 3d printer

  • 1. Connect the printer power cable to outlet.

  • 2. Turn on the printer power switch.

  • 2. Connect the Micro-B cable to the printer.

       (Please note that some 3d printer is using High-speed 2.0 USB cable.)

Download Beagleprint & register

  • 1. Download and install the Beagleprint App.

  • 2. Register an account, note that the username only supports letters and numbers, and DO NOT allow "spaces" or other characters.

  • 3. When logging in to your account, pay attention to using your username to log in. Email login is not currently supported.
Add Beagle camera & Wifi configuration

  • 1. Select the "AP Configuration" to connect the camera.

  • 2. Select the Beagle Camera hotspot(BGCAM***XXX-XXXXX) you want to add and enter the password "01234567".

  • 3. When the progress bar is complete, if you don't hear the Beagle Camera say "Connected to wifi successfully", then it may be caused by the wrong wifi account password, you can select the device and hold it down until the dialog box pops up, delete the device, and then use the reset needle tool to reset the Beagle Camera(Then do "AP Configuration" again).
Set up the printer and connect

  • 1. Select the 3d printer brand and model to confirm the printed size.

  • 2. Connect the 3d printer. The camera will automatically connect to the printer after connection. If the connection is unsuccessful, please check the cable connection and the power supply of the printer. 
Adjust the position of the camera

  • 1. The camera comes with a rotating chassis, and can support angle adjustment in the range of >90.

  • 2. Select an appropriate angle, confirm the height of the printed model, and adjust the Camera to confirm that it exceeds the overall height of the printed model.

  • 3. The default focal length of the camera is 20cm, so the distance between the camera and the center of the printing platform is about 20cm.
Access on PC browser and setup the printer

  • 1. Enter the camera through the APP, select the settings in the upper right corner, click "Camera Information", and check the IP address.

  • 2. Input the IP address in the browser on the PC (make sure your pc and the Beagle camera is in the same Local Area Network), log in with default account and password, and check the printer information and time-lapse function.

  • 3. Connect the printer, upload the gcode file, and select the file to start the printing.
Download the time-lapse video

  • When the printing is finished, the time-lapse video is done as well. Click the download icon to download the video, then you will have the time-lapse video of 3d printing. 

    On mobile phone, you can download on Beagleprint and play directly. The video will be saved in the Album of your phone. 

Need help?

If you have any problem on the setup, please contact us directly online chatting, or by email or join our Facebook group for help.