How to get high-quality timelapse videos?

Timelapse:  2022-12-15

What do we need?

1. With Mintion Beagle Camera.
2. Determine the focal distance and focal point.
3. Preparation before printing.

Step 1 - What is the focal distance and focal point?

What is focal distance?

The distance between camera and focal point.

The focus distance is 20cm.

What is focal point?

Clean Timelapse Video Mode

The center of the hot bed (Move the y-axis forward to the end).

Nomal Timelapse Video Mode

The center of the hot bed (Not Move the y-axis).

Step 2 - Preparation before Printing

Transform the HD

Preparation before Printing

1. Place the model on the hotbed before printing, and move the hotbed to the focus point.

2. Adjust the video to HD and observe the live video quality.

3. Move the camera until the video is clear.

YouTube Video

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