New firmware Version for Beagle Camera:V1.1.8

Update : 2023-3-15

The 3D Printer Camera: Beagle Camera is an ever-evolving product, and we express our gratitude to our numerous supporters for providing us with their constructive feedback on the user experience. Recently, Mintion released the new firmware version: V1.1.8, incorporates many of the frequently requested features from our valued users, while also introducing a novel capability to enable the generation of time-lapse photography using UV printers.

  Feature optimization for V1.1.8 firmware:

    - Add UV Timelapse Video Mode for resin 3D printing;

    - Add detail to errors on message pushing on the APP;

    - Add the Z-offset, Feedrate, and Flowrate to the printing parameters;

    - Add the Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation adjustment for the video window in the app;

    - Update the feature to change the fan speed during printing;


You can refer this video to upgrade the firmware:

1. Video Parameters:

The Mintion 3D printer camera: beagle camera, employs an auto mode by default, enabling it to adjust to various environmental conditions while still producing satisfactory image quality. However, we have also received some user feedback regarding the desire for improved image quality, including issues with insufficient video brightness, color distortion, and overexposure of white filaments,etc.

In the new firmware: V1.1.8, the Mintion Team has added the Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation parameters:

  1.The Brightness parameter adjusts the overall environment brightness and its impact on the video image.

  2.The Contrast parameter adjusts the degree of contrast between dark and light areas, making the video image clearer/softer.

  3.The Saturation parameter adjusts the color effect in the video image, making it closer to reality.  

By adjusting these three parameters, users can customize the video image according to their own environment, to achieve the best result for their time-lapse videos.

2. Printing Parameters:

During the printing process, it is common to encounter various printing quality issues, such as poor adhesion on the initial layer, printing speed that is either too fast or too slow, and inadequate or excessive extrusion. Fortunately, in the new firmware version (V1.1.8), it is now possible to adjust parameters such as z-offset, feedrate, and flowrate using a camera during the printing process. By adjusting these parameters, you can effectively tackle various printing scenarios. For example, altering the Z-offset can improve the nozzle and bed height, thereby resolving adhesion issues that arise from the first layer being too low or too high, along with the possibility of nozzle clogging. Changing the feedrate can accommodate the need for shorter printing times, while modifying the flowrate can address printing quality problems related to extrusion issues.

3. UV Printer Timelapse Support:

UV printers are highly sought after by many people (especially hobbyists of figurines) for their pursuit of higher print quality. Therefore, creating and sharing time-lapse videos of UV printer prints is a very cool thing. However, due to some closed-source issues, lack of serial communication and inability to change the printing process, making time-lapse videos of UV printers is not easy and so far only a few people can achieve it.

In the new firmware version:V1.1.8, Mintion Tech has added a "Beagle UV Timelapse Video" mode that is compatible with the Mintion BealgeUV sensor (to be released at the end of March). This feature enables effortless creation of timelapse videos of UV printing.

The installation of the Mintion UV sensor is also remarkably effortless. You may add it to the "Bluetooth device" page within the "Camera Setting" section of the Beagleprint application.

4. Other Features and Bug Optimizations:

- We have improved our error message feedback system. If you encounter any abnormal printer stops, you can view push notifications to understand the specific situation. If you require assistance, please feel free to contact us.

- The Timer Timelapse Video function has added a duration setting (where you can set the duration) for delayed video recording. This allows for scheduled recording times, such as recording for a 1-hour or 10-hour time frame.

- We have optimized the fan percentage setting, which allows you to modify it during the printing process through the camera.

- We have optimized the webpage login password character length display. The original 16-character limit has been extended to a 32-character length limit.

- When registering an account in the app, the verification code email now has a 60-second time limit to prevent accidental touches.

 - A "Help" button has been added to the app. If you encounter any issues, you can quickly contact us.

- The app has added an introduction to three timelapse video modes.

The Camera is constantly being optimized and upgraded, so you will regularly see new firmware versions being released for it. You may have provided feedback on certain features but have not yet found them in the current version. This may be because some features and optimizations have priority, or the current version is not yet ready. Don't worry, you will see them in subsequent firmware updates. Lastly, if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact us at Enjoy it!