TikTok Share to Win Campaign Rewards List

Update date: 2022-7-8

Thank you for joining the 'Share to Win' campaign and showing us support, and the campaign already ended on July 7th.

Rewards List:


1st Winner: diay_3d(804 Like), win a Beagle camera 

2nd Winner: treideprint (573 Like), win a $30 gift card 

3rd Winner: husbeastmfg (105 Like), win a $20 gift card

Random Draw

1st Winner: 3d_reality_ 

2nd Winner: stalex3dprint, fyty112

3rd Winner: 3ddesignsbytrucknut77, 3dee.creations.ro

Participation Award: All contestants

Lottery Video

Why is Beagleprint?


Excellence Watchdog

The Beagle is an excellent watchdog with a friendly personality; they have reliable guarding and territorial instincts and are highly protective of the family members, making them a good choice for a watchdog.


Guardian on Your Printing

We hope that our beagle camera becomes a reliable printing guardian like a beagle; We are watching the printing progress from anywhere and finding the temperature abnormal to cause the printing issues to avoid the waste of filament.

Meanwhile, this camera is embedded with one button to auto-generation time-lapse videos to make 3d printing more fun, just like the Beagle always seems to be finding ways to make you laugh at them.