Deburring Tool Kit with 11PCS Deburr Blades, Trimming Knives

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Works great for cleanup of brass, steel, aluminum, copper or PVC pipes, as well as metal edges of auto parts, gears, or any other freshly cut metal parts. Also great for trimming the edges of your 3D printed plastic objects or parts. Resin art is booming, and our deburring tool is perfect for shaving and smoothing. Whether you are an industrial professional or a DIYer, our deburring tool is great for you!

Packing List:
Deburring Handle * 1
Blade knifes * 11

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Customer Reviews

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Rick M.
Fantastic for 3D printing

After discovering these are used to clean up the edges of 3D prints, I started looking for one. This seemed to be reasonably priced, and had a few different blades.

The blades are excellent. The tiny tip and "regular" are all that are needed for any of the 3D printing materials, so I cannot speak about the blades specific to stainless steel; They are shaped and perform identically to the "regular" blades. The tiny tip blades are good for getting into small holes/spaces, but they tend to dig into the part more than the regular blades on larger radius and square/straight edge parts.

The handle is large and comfortable, but sometimes gets in the way in tight spaces. Smaller diameter handles are available, so I plan to purchase a set with the smaller handle, whenever I need to get more blades. Because I am working mostly with soft materials, this may be quite a long time away.

Great for 3D Printing

Bought on a recommendation for dealing with elephant’s foot on my 3D prints, and it works well. It’s very easy to use and gives great results when used to trim off the last bit of a brim or just clean up the bottom edges.

Quick recommendation: initially I used a lot of force and really dug the blade into the plastic, which created uneven edges. Later I found out that with very little force the blade will glide across the edge, so aim for that when using it.

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