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Please feel free to reach us at our Facebook pageFacebook Group, Online Chatting or send by email at or fulfill the form to contact us, we will take respond to you as soon as possible.  More guideline articles, please reach the Beagleprint series articles to check. 

How to connect the camera to WiFi network?

Please download the app "Beagleprint" in App Store, Google Play, or the apk files from our Google drive (only for the Andriod system). After that, please follow the steps as follows: 

1. Click Beagleprint to run, and register your information to login (Only ask for the first time to login); 

2. Power up the camera, and you will listen to the voice of "Camera is ready for AP configuration"; 

3. click "+" on the top right of the screen;

4. Click the button "AP Configuration";

5. Click the button "Next";

6. Select the WiFi you want to connect to and input the password of WiFi, then click the button "Next";

7. Click the button "Go to Setting Interface", then connect the WiFi with the prefix of "BGCAM***XXX-XXXXX" and input the default password of "01234567"; Then go back to the Beagleprint app and click the button "Next";

8. The camera will connect the WiFi, and you will hear the voice of "Successfully connected to the WiFi". The whole procedure needs to wait for 1-2 minutes because the camera needs to restart. 

For more details, please follow the article of <How to make the Beagle camera connect to the WiFi network? 

If you still have the problem on wifi configuration by the app, please follow this article of <How to configure Beagle camera to WiFi connection without Beagleprint App?>

Why I can't connect the camera to my 3d printer?

There're few reasons to check on this problem, but make sure your 3d printer is power up: 

1. Ensure the USB cable from the Beagle camera to your 3d printer is supported to transmit the data, not just for charging. 

2. Please check if your 3d printer is on the compatible 3d printers list, while the Beagle camera is an ongoing project, we will upgrade the firmware to more 3d printers on compatibility regularly. And please download the latest firmware and Beagleprint app for more compatibility on our DOWNLOAD page. 

Why my Beagle camera is not generate the time-lapse video?

You can follow this article to check the time-lapse video functioning on working.

Please ensure that the time-lapse video function is in "ON" status, in the default setting, it's on. And please check what slicer you are using, now the Beagle camera is compatible with Ultimate Cura, Creatliy Slicer, Simplify3D, and Prusaslicer (you can check the latest compatibility on this article). If you are using a different slicer, and the system of the camera is not able to identify the layer description, then it won't send the commands to the printer to move the hotend to capture an image, then it won't generate the time-lapse video automatically.