Dual Z Axis Upgrade Kit for Creality Ender 3 Pro V2 / Ender 3 S1 / NEO

Use for: Ender 3
Shipping From: China
Sale price€32,68


Package includes:
1 PC 42-34 Stepper Motor
2 PCS Lead Screw Bearing Guide
1 Set Power Supply Holder
1 PC Coupler
1 PC Z Axis Lead Screw Bracket
1 PC Dual Z Stepper Cable
1 PC Z Motor Bracket with screws and t-nuts
1 PC 365mm T8 Lead Screw
1 Set Matching all screws and tools

Compatible with:
Creality Ender 3 / Ender 3 S1 / Ender V2 / Ender 3 Pro / Ender 3 Neo / Ender 3 V2 Neo / Ender 3 S1 Pro

Installation Step:
1) Turn off the printer, unplug the power cord, then use a hexagonal wrench to loosen the two screws that fix the power supply, and then remove the power supply.
2) Install the coupler on the stepper motor and tighten the screws. Use hexagon socket screws and Z-axis motor bracket to fix the motor on the aluminum profile.
3) Remove all screws of the sheet metal pulley on the right side of the X axis.
4) Fix the Z-axis sheet metal with long screws and install it on the right-hand sheet metal of the X-axis. Screw the T8 screw into the nut of the coupler and tighten the screw of the coupler.
5) Install dual Z stepper cable to the motherboard, and connect two Z motors.
6) Install the Phillips screw and the boat nut on the power supply holder to install the power supply.
7) Place the lead screw bearing guide on the left and right sides of the X-axis aluminum profile and let the Z-axis rise to the highest position. If one side is uneven,turn the corresponding coupler clockwise.
8) Install the lead screw bearing guide and tighten the screws, paying attention to the alignment position of the mounting base.

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