New Firmware Update: Beagle V1.2.2

Update: 2023-07-29

We are excited to announce the release of new firwmare for beagleseries camera: V1.2.2. This update brings significant changes thatenhance compatibility and performance. If your camera (beagle camera /beagle v2 camera) has not been upgraded to V1.2.2 firmware, pleaseupgrade your camera firmware immediately after reading the introductionof the new firmware: V1.2.2.

1.The way to upgrade the firmware

Beagle Camera:

For beagle cameras whose firmware version is V1.1.1 and below, pleaserefer to the video to use SD card to upgrade the firmware; For beaglecameras with firmware version 1.1.2 and above, you can directly upgradethe firmware online through the app.

Beagle V2 Camera:

The Beagle V2 camera with firmware V1.2.1, please refer to the video to use SD card to upgrade the firmware

2.New firmware: V1.1.2 update content

Updated Printer Model List

We've expanded our compatibility to include 12 additional printermodels. The new models include Prusa MK4, Sovol SV06 Plus, ELEGOONeptune 3 Max, ANYCUBIC Kobra2 And Hellbor printers. This expansionbrings our total compatibility list to 14 models.

Added Printer USB Power Supply Switch

We've added the option to custom control the USB port power output. Thisis a useful feature when connecting a machine not listed in ourcompatibility list. If you encounter an Error-2 while setting up acustom printer format, try enabling the USB power output.

Improved Time-lapse Photography

We've increased the Z-axis movement speed setting for time-lapsephotography. The default value is now set to 720mm/min. This changeaddresses issues experienced by users of Svol SV6 and other printerswith high Z-axis movement speeds.

Other Known Bugs:

We've fixed several other known bugs to enhance overall performance and stability.

If you encounter any issues during the firmware upgrade, refer toour recovery video (link found in the video description). If you'reunable to download the recovery file from Google Cloud Drive, pleasecontact us at:, and we will send it to youseparately.