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What is the Beagle camera?/First time using?

The Beagle camera is a dual-use camera that allows you to monitor and control your 3D printer remotely, while also making it easy to create time-lapse videos. 

For the first use, you can refer to the unpacking videooperation, which will complete the configuration and start printing faster.

What's the maximum storage of the TF card I can use for this camera?

The maximum storage is 128GB.

How to connect the camera to WiFi network?

1. Install the Beagleprint app on your phone

2. After registering and logging in, click the +/"add Device" button in the upper right corner,

3. Select QR Scan Configuraiton and follow the steps.

Reference video

What's the camera lens? And what's the distance?

The beagle camera is using the fixed lens, and the focus distance is 20cm.

How can I connect the Beagle camera to the printer?

We provide the default micro USB to USB cable inbox to connect to the printer, if your printer is using a Hi-speeding 2.0 socket, you have to purchase one Hi-speeding 2.0 to USB cable.

Plug the USB side cable into the USB socket on the back panel of the camera, and the micro USB is plugged into the printer. After the camera is connected to the WiFi, then click to run the app Bealgeprint and click the "Connect" button under the camera review window. Before connecting to the printer, you need to select the brand and model of printer to confirm the printed size. 

What's the best position of camera to watch the printing?

It depends on your review angle and model height. If you just want to monitor the model printing, we suggest you can install the camera at the right/left of the printer; but if you want to make a time-lapse video of the printing, we suggest the camera position is at the high front side of the printer or on the top of the printer. And we have designed three brackets for your reference, all of them are designed based on Creality Ender 3 / Pro / V2 3d printer. You can download them from Thingiverse.com. 

Top side bracket     Front side bracket    Aside bracket

What's the Beagleprint app?

The Beagleprint is an application with an easy and clean interface to watch the real-time video of your 3d printing and monitor your 3d printer status. With Beagleprint, you would auto-generate pretty cool time-lapse videos without any settings. Furthermore, Beagleprint allows you to :

- Watch the real-time videos of 3d printing at HD / SD resolution

- Capture the images of 3d printing

- Connect / Disconnect your FDM 3d printer

- Upload the gcode files for direct printing

- Check the 3d printing process by percentage

- Pause / Stop the 3d printing

- Monitor the model height, layers, fan speed, etc

- Check the temperature curve of the hot end and the hotbed

- Set the goal temperature for the hot end and the hotbed

- Move the X/Y/Z axis by millimeter units

- Adjust the feeding speed and fan speed

- Playback the normal record videos by day/time on your mobile phone

- Download the time-lapse videos to your mobile phone

- Support multiple Beagle cameras and FDM 3d printers for multiple management

- Online upgrade of the firmware of the Beagle camera

- Wireless extends the Beagle camera for smart kits

How shall I use the Beagleprint app?

The Beagleprint is an application with an easy and clean interface to watch the real-time video of your 3d printing and monitor your 3d printer status. With Beagleprint, you would auto-generate pretty cool time-lapse videos without any settings. 

How many cameras or printers could I manage through the Bealgeprint?

In theory, there's no limit to adding cameras into the app to control numerous printers, but if the number is beyond 30 units, it will occupy a lot of the resources of GPU in your mobile phone. 

How shall I delete the camera in the app?

In the device list, you select the camera which you want to delete and hold for 3 seconds, there's a delete dialogue to pop up to confirm if you want to delete the camera. After selecting "Yes", then the camera will be deleted. 

What brand of 3d printers does Beagleprint support?

The Beagle camera is supporting Marlin 3d printers with default baud rate of 115200, such as Creality Ender 3 / Pro / V2 / Max, Ender 5 / Pro / Plus; Anycubic Mega SE / Zero 2.0, Vyper; Voxelab Aquila / C2 / X2; Longer LK4 / Pro, LK5 Pro; Prusa MINI / MINI3S+...Please reach this article to check if the 3d printers list is supported. ---> "3D printers list is on supported in Beagleprint"

And the 250000 baud rate has been added to our camera Linux system, but we are still working on the communication between the camera and printer. 

Register_Error!!! Account is combination of 6 to 50 letters and numbers, spaces and other characters are not supported.

Possible cause: The username is less than 6 characters, for example, "Kim" has only 3 characters, so it is not supported.

Solution: Increase the number of characters in the username "Kim123"

Possible reasons: There are spaces in the user name, or other special characters, such as "Jack Black" or "JackBlack " with spaces in the middle or at the end are not supported.

Solution: Remove spaces, e.g. "JackBlack"

Register_Cannot receive mail

Possible reasons: wrong address_entered wrong email address

Solution: Check the input email address

Possible reason: Classification error_The mailbox server classified the mail into the trash bin

Solution: Go to the mailbox spam category to find the most recent mail

Register_Error!!! The password is combination of 6 to 16 letters and numbers

Possible reason: The password is less than 6 characters or more than 16 characters

Solution: Adjust password length

Possible reason: Contains characters other than numbers or letters

Solution: Remove special characters (including " ")

Log in_Error!!! Account is combination of 6 to 50 letters and numbers, spaces and other characters are not supported.

Possible reason: Enter the registered email address into the username field

Solution: Use the username entered during registration

Log in_Tips Sorry,your account or password is not correct!

Possible reason: Wrong username

Solution: Select "Forgot Password" in the bottom right to reset the password, and the username information is in the email you received.

Possible reason: wrong password

Solution: Select "Forgot Password" in the bottom right to reset the password.

Log in_Unable to access the web page

Possible reason: Not in the same LAN

Solution: web page, Camera currently only supports same LAN access

Possible cause: certain VPN settings

Solution: Please try to close it and try again

Wi-Fi Configuration_How to connect the Camera to the Internet and add it to Beagleprint?

1. Install the Beagleprint app on your phone

2. After registering and logging in, click the +/"add Device" button in the upper right corner,

3. Select QR Scan Configuraiton and follow the steps.

Reference video

Wi-Fi Configuration_Beagleprint app prompts failure, but Camera voice prompts success connect to Wi-Fi

Possible reason: Beagleprint cannot find Camera on the server

Solution: Return to the home page, find the add button "+"/"add Device", try to add it through "Search in LAN" in the adding method (make sure the phone and Camera are in the same Wi-Fi network)

Wi-Fi Configuration_Tips This device has been added by another account

Possible reason: Camera has been bound with another account

Solution: contact support@mintion email, feedback error, provide Camera purchase certificate (purchase channel and order information), provide Search in LAN page screenshot information

Wi-Fi Configuration_Beagleprint app Camera frequently changes state (offline/online)

Possible reasons: Insufficient network bandwidth or delay

Solution: Try another network (Camera connected network/mobile phone network)

Settings_ cannot save settings

Possible reasons: high network delay

Solution: Try to change the network (network/mobile network connected to Camera)

Connect the printer_ the printer screen frozen/cannot start

Connection printer_prusa i3 MK3S+ cannot connect to

Possible reasons: The printer RPI PORT status is ON. After the port is started, the USB connection will be turned off and the GPIO pin is enabled

Solution: Find it in the knob screen and set it to OFF

Connect the printer_Inlap after the printer is connected (for example, Kobra Max)

Possible reasons: large electronic noise (motor/hot bed/large home appliances such as refrigerator), which affects serial communication

Solution: Use the USB cable/replace the printer's environment with the printer

Connection printer_inter cannot connect to

Possible reasons: Camera connected to the USB cable of the printer has data transmission requirements

Solution: Try to use the cable/or USB cable with data transmission, instead of simple power supply cables

Possible reasons: Damaged data in the printer Micro SD card, causing the printer firmware to collapse

Solution: Demolition/replacement printer Micro SD card

Connect the printer_ Click the connection to the printer, it will restart

This is some printer motherboard settings. When the serial port connection is established, it is reset. Camera is currently incomparable to this.

Remote Monitoring_Fuzzy picture

Possible reasons: The protective film on the Camera image sensor is not removed

Solution: The protective film is mainly to prevent the friction from transportation, and you can remove it. It is easy to find that it is affixed to Beagle's nose.

Possible reasons: SD is smoother/hd is higher in high definition

Solution: Switching the video stream mode

Remote monitoring_gate gray/black and white

Possible reasons: night vision mode, when the ambient light is dark, the night vision mode will be automatically switched to better check the printing situation

Solution: Modify the mode to "Color Night Version"

Remote monitoring_Beagleprint /web does not display information such as printing progress, layer height, fan speed, height, etc.

Remote monitoring_unable to control printer movement or modification

Possible reasons:: The printer is in a state where a serial communication is abnormal

Solution: See if the printing machine screen prompts the content, restart the printer to try

Upload files_How to upload files

Camera supports Beagleprint/web pages to upload Gcode files, for details, please refer to the video

Upload file_ file upload time is incorrect

Possible reason: Camera time zone setting is incorrect

Solution: Select the camera through the phone Beagleprint, click the "gear" icon in the upper right corner, find "Timezone" and set the correct time zone

Upload file_ cannot upload files

Possible reasons: The file suffix is ​​not supported

Solution: Update Camera firmware to V1.1.7, the new version supports more file suffix

Possible reasons: Camera Micro SD card is not installed/space is full/format is incorrect

Solution: The file is normal, and it will be transmitted to the Camera Micro SD card through the network. damage.

After printing _ start printing, cancel the printing or modify the hot end or the hot bed, and the heating state cannot be changed

Possible reasons: When the printer enters a temperature cycle, the serial communication enters a tunnel stage (a certain blocking state), and the command printer issued by Camera will not respond to it.

Solution: Update to the latest Camera firmware, such as V1.1.7, update the printer firmware, the newer Marlin firmware may support interruption and heating, thereby responding to other instructions

Printing_Error 4

Possible reasons: If it occurs in the automatic leveling process, it may be that the level of tone failure

Solution: This is determined by the printer firmware. Camera identification error stops printing. You can modify the G29 in Star Gcode, replace it with M420 S1

Printing_Error 12

Possible reasons: may heal failure or heat -sensitivity error

Solution: This is some abnormalities in the printer. Please check the printer, cable damage/sensor damage/power supply power/PID parameter

Printing_ print quality poor quality

Possible reasons: lapse photography mode (Clean Timelapse Video)

Solution: This mode produces a good delayed video effect, but due to some parameter settings, you may encounter bad printing quality. You can verify whether the printing quality is improved by turning off it.

Possible reasons: USB communication has a timeout

Solution: Printing serial port, there are certain requirements for serial communication rates. Using the USB cable only power supply will affect the communication effect, thereby generating timeout, packet loss, etc.

                  Printer firmware/motherboard influence: Some printer motherboards have different motherboard chips, which is also the influencing factor that causes unstable serial communication. The "Linear Advance" is opened in the printer firmware.

Printing_ print abnormal exercise/impact

Possible reasons: Incorrect printer settings lead to some mobile instruction executions, and impact occurred

Solution: Set the corresponding printer model. If you cannot find your own printer, you can customize the printer and set the correct surface size

Printing_ The height of the first floor is incorrect/non -adhesive/wear printing platform

Possible reasons: automatically level the printer, when printed in the serial port, the first floor compensation data may be missing

Solution: Modify the STAR GCode G28 in the slice software, a new line of "G29"/"M420 S1" below, thereby enabling compensation, re -slicing and generating GCode files, uploading and printing.

Timelapse_ not generated videos

Possible reasons: incompatible slicing software/not upload files and print/Camera Micro SD cards that have not been uploaded by Camera are not installed/space insufficient

Solution: Refer to the slice software used in the link check, if there are abnormal feedback to us (support@mintion.net), remember to attach the Gcode file, we will respond to you as soon as possible.

                 Reference link video uploads GCode files and prints.

                 Check the installation of Camera Micro SD card, check the Micro SD card available space and file system (FAT32)

Timelapse_ video generation time is incorrect

Possible reasons: Camera time zone settings are incorrect

Solution: Select the camera through mobile phone BeaglePrint, click the "gear" icon in the upper right corner to find the correct time zone

Timelapse_ video cannot be played by mobile phone

Possible reasons: The mobile phone does not support playing MJPEG format video

Solution: Reference video to convert format

Upgrade firmware_How to upgrade firmware

Upgrade firmware_Infable Camera/I didn't hear the sound

Possible reasons: In the process of upgrading the firmware, encounter disconnection power

Solution: Reference video recovery

The download address of the copy of the copy in the video is as follows

Revert to V1.1.7

Can printer compatibility_Camera can work on my printer?

You can refer to the compatibility list. The compatibility list does not mean that it must not be used. It may not be tested for the time being or no one shares the usage.

Install _Camera joint loose

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